General Information


We recognise most nurseries require payment during holiday periods to retain their child's placement. We offer 50% reduction on fees payment pro rata to their attendance for two week years.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety play an important part of ensuring that Sunshine provides a welcoming and safe environment.


All children are encouraged to show positive behaviour, Sunshine staff use positive methods when unacceptable behaviour occurs i.e. redirection, anticipation and removal of potential problem and positive reinforcement and encouragement.
Courtesy and politeness is exercised in a firm but fair manner.

Child Protection

Sunshine follows the child protection procedures and recommendations laid down by Southend Area Protection Committee.
We aim to work in partnership with parents, our child protection policy is displayed in the nursery for parents to view.

Special Needs

The nursery recognises the wide range of special needs of children and families and will consider what part it can play in meeting these needs. We have a designated Special Needs Co-ordinator.

Equal Opportunities

We believe that the nursery activities should be open to all children and families and to all adults committed to their welfare. The nursery is open to every family in the community.

Open Door Policy

We encourage you to regularly spend time at the nursery. This will give you a further insight into exactly how your child is progressing. We value your comments and look forward to becoming friends.

Personal Items

We ask that your child brings to the nursery a toothbrush, soft shoes or slippers, Wellington boots for the Winter months, sun cream and hats in the Summer, favourite teddy, change of clothes.

All company policies are displayed in the nursery for clients to read. Fees list is available on request and is reviewed annually.

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